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Long winding roads lead to beautiful places : )


Nidderdale is part of the borough of Harrogate and since 1994 has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Due to the sheer number of attractions and activities that can be explored when visiting Nidderdale it is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination.  It is in a perfect location for walkers and mountain bikers with the 53 mile loop starting and ending in Pateley Bridge and great access to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. There is also a fantastic choice of other activities such as the canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, potholing, caving and fishing.

The Coldstones Cut

The Coldstones Cut is a huge sculpture created by a charity collective of artist and commissioned by a government levy. The sculpture was recently built on top of a viewing point and is designed to be a reminder of Nidderdale’s and North Yorkshire’s history as the centre of the quarrying industry.

Coldstones Cut is built from the limestone rocks that are a very recognisable feature of the area. It has been designed to allow visitors to walk around the sculpture whilst having fantastic views of Nidderdale and beyond to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It also offers great views of the massive Coldstones Quarry that is still in use today.

Stump cross caverns

Stump Cross Caverns, Nidderdale – Stump Cross Caverns are very popular show caves. Only part of the 6km caverns are accessible to the public the deeper caverns are only accessible by experienced cavers. However, there is hope that one day it will become safe for the deeper caverns to be open to the general public.

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks are one of the country’s most awe-inspiring rock formations which attract hundreds of visitors every year, the majority of visitors choose to walk around the fascinating formations but others choose to climb the rocks to get a whole new view of this special place.

Brimham Rocks formation was formed during the Ice Age around 18,000 years ago. The unusual shapes that we see were due to the sand-blasting at ground level, as there was very little of no plant cover the rocks were left exposed and the soft layers gradually wore away. As the rock wore away it produced a little base with a massive top.

It is a great day out for the family, if you do visit Brimham Rocks keep your eye’s peeled for the dancing bear, the gorilla and the eagle.

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