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Castle Bolton

Castle Bolton is a small village in Wensleydale overlooked by the magnificent Bolton Castle, built in 1379 by Lord Richard Scrope.  A number of villages and towns are easily accessed form Castle Bolton or even walked to, such as; Redmire, Carperby, Aysgarth and Leyburn.

castle bolton

Bolton Castle

The main attraction of Castle Bolton is not surprisingly Bolton Castle. The castle is a grand Grade 1 listed building. The castle still remains in great condition despite damage caused during the English Civil War and the extensive damage caused when the castle was torched in 1536 by order of the King for supporting the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion against King Henry VIII.

The castle is most famous for holding Mary, Queen of Scots prisoner after her defeat at the Battle of Langside in 1568.  Bolton Castle had to borrow a lot of items such as tapetries, rugs and furniture to make it suitable for a queen to stay. During her stay, Mary could wonder the surrounding dales and was often known to go hunting in the area. Mary also learnt English by Sir Fancis Knollys as at the time she could only speak French and Latin. Mary left Bolton Castle in January 1569 for Tutbury, Staffordshire. She spent 18 years in Tutbury before she was executed in 1587.
Now the current owner, Lord Bolton, a direct descendant of the Scropes, allows hundreds of tourists to visit the castles grounds year upon year. Bolton Castle and its grounds are managed by Lord Bolton’s son and daughter-in-law.

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