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Long winding roads lead to beautiful places : )

Tan Hill

Tan Hill is the highest point on the famous Pennine Way walk. It is most notably known for the Tan Hill Inn which is the highest Inn in the UK at 1732 feet above sea level. It is located a short distance from Muker and Keld on the border of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Strange things happen at Tan Hill

You may have heard of the Tan Hill Inn when guests celebrating New Year in 2009 became stranded at this remote inn for a couple of days unable to leave due to 7 feet snow drifts. The Inn hit the BBC news with the tails of camaraderie and new friendships that were formed.

It is also a memorable place as sheep often wonder freely into the pub to have a cuddle with the odd guest, or to warm up from the harsh winter outside.

Refreshments at Tan Hill

Tan hill offers a tasty menu available for limited hours in the winter months with light bites served in-between. During the summer it is available for the majority of the day, supplying much needed refreshments to the hundreds of local guests and those passing through walking the Pennine Way.

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