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The tranquil village of Aysgarth is situated in Lower Wensleydale on the River Ure. Aysgarth is best known for the series of three broad limestone steps known as Aysgarth Falls which runs through the heart of the village. Although it is not the highest waterfall you will see, it has attracted visitors for over 200 years, and remains one of Wensleydale’s most famous attractions.


Aysgarth Falls

The River Ure flows along the valley from Upper Wensleydale through to Lower Wensleydale. In the dramatic 30 metre decent through Mid Wensleydale the river has carved the triple flight of waterfalls. Dramatic at any time of year but particularly after heavy rainfall, as thousands of gallons cascade over the series of steps.  Spring and Summer is also a fantastic time to visit as an array of wild flowers are also a sensational sight.
Many may also recognise the upper fall as it featured in the Holywood blockbuster Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves. We advise you to take your camera to the falls not just to capture your recreation of the fight between Little John and Robin Hood, but also to remember the spectacular views of the powerful waterfall as there are many walks around the gorge that offer breath taking views and photo opportunities of the falls.

The Rock Gardens in Aysgarth

The Rock Garden in Aysgarth is a strong part of Aysgaths history. The garden was originally commissioned by Frank Sayer-Graham in 1906. The individual boulder was brought down from Stephen’s moor at Thornton Rust by horse and cart. So, it was not surprising that the full development took nearly 8 years to complete.
English Heritage has had the Rock Garden Grade 11 listed to prevent any owner from demolishing the garden. Over the years the garden has had its fair share of wear and tear due to ash and sycamore trees destroying some of the structure. However, in recent years the present owners have received funding for the full refurbishment of the Rock Garden. Now, the public can view the Rock Gardens in its former glory.

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