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Area Guide

Long winding roads lead to beautiful places : )


The popular picturesque market town, Grassington, is situated on the edge of the River Wharfe in Lower Wharfdale a stone’s throw from Skipton and 9 miles from Bolton Abbey. Grassington is surrounded by the limestone scenery that is the attractive and recognisable feature of the area that continues to attract tourists throughout the year.

A Royal Charter

Grassington could easily be mistaken for a village, however, the cobbled market town was established by Royal Charter in 1282 for a market and fair. The market ended around the 1860’s when the more prosperous lead mining industry grew within the region. The remains of the Yarnbury Lead Mine can still be seen to the north of Grassington on the nearby moors from the small market town. If this intrigues you a lead mining trail takes you closer to the hard working lead mining history, but for your safety please do not enter the mines.

Grassington and Linton Falls Circular Walk

You are probably aware of the energetic and challenging walks nearby in Upper Wharfdale such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks and Buckden Pike. However, Lower Wharfdale offers much less strenuous walks such as one of our favourites; the short, picturesque walk starting from the National Park Centre in Grassington via the beautiful Linton Falls looping back to the National Park Centre. This short walk is roughly 2 kilometres, but please be aware that there is a high chance your feet will get wet, as the walk does involve stepping stones, some of which are impassable after a wet spell when the river is high.

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