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Long winding roads lead to beautiful places : )


The lovely village of Muker is nestled in the hills between Gunnerside and Thwaite in the most beautiful Dale -Swaledale, North Yorkshire.  The River Swale runs parallel to the village, with Kisden Hill offering a spectacular backdrop.

Historically Muker was home to a thriving agriculture and mining economy and the centre for hand knitting. However today it is a hub for tourists and holiday makers, who stay in the local holiday cottages or use it as a base for the starting points for the popular walks in the area.


Agriculture in Muker

Muker is surrounded by stunning Yorkshire hay meadows which have grown in importance and have become much protected. Farmers in the Yorkshire Dales receive grants to enable them to use traditional methods to farm the land and keep the beauty of the area alive.

Farmers in Muker and the surrounding Dales have opted for organic fertilisers such as cow manure to help prevent the grass growing as fast as it would with artificial fertilisers. By slowing the speed at which the grass grows it allows other plants the opportunity to grow too. This is why the meadows in Swaledale are filled with such a vast amount of different flowers and provide great habitat for insects, birds and other animals too.

Amenities in Muker

There is no getting away from the old world charm of Muker, it is limited in terms of shops but there is a wonderful Yorkshire pub The Farmers Arms, where you will always be welcome from the landlord and lady, Darren and Emily, muddy boots and well behaved dogs included! The Farmers Arms offers a wide choice of affordable meals and up to 6 traditional ales on tap at the bar. The beer terrace is wonderful on a summer’s day, where you can enjoy the sounds of Curlews, Oyster Catchers and Lapwings.

If it’s not a pint you’re after, the local tea shop is a charming place to refresh and is located in what was originally the Vicarage, which was built in the 1680’s. The tea shop has done well to retain the original features, with two open fires to warm you up in the colder months, and for those gorgeous summer days, an outdoor patio.

There is also a small village shop and woollen shop in the village. At the highest point of the village there is also the village church, which is very well maintained, and overlooks the hills and fells surrounding the village.

Muker Silver Band

The Muker Silver Band was formed in 1897, and despite the low population of Muker the band has survived for over a century to become the last band in Swaledale. Muke’rs Silver Band plays regularly throughout the Dales and has even made appearances on the BBC. If you’re visiting the area and have an opportunity to watch them in action then it is certainly worth it!

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