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Just a few of our favourite photos of Swaledale

We have tonnes of photos of Swaledale so it’s hard to say which are our favourite but we have whittled it down to these 5 photos. If you have any photos you love of Swaledale you would like to share please send them Hannah by email at

1) We were down by the Swing Bridge in Reeth last summer and we spotted this Cow and Calf going for a quick stroll along the River Swale. We just love the heather on Harkerside and the bright green grass.

2) This is a view from Fremington Edge looking towards Reeth last October…yes it was as sunny and warm as it looks. If we remember rightly we were even wearing a t-shirts!  We love the clouds in this picture, it’s not often we get an arty shot!

3) Just before the Tour de France last July it seemed the Dales were turning yellow with all the buttercups, all in honour of the Yellow Jersey of course. We took this picture of Calver Hill with a sea of buttercups in the fields in front whilst walking the dogs one morning in Grinton.

4) We walked up Gunnerside Gill after heavy snow earlier this year. This was not one of our brightest ideas as Gunnerside Gill was treacherous this day as the snow had melted and turned into ice. Most folk were more sensible then us as we didn’t see a sole in sight. It was so peaceful, We loved it!

5) This is a shot from Father’s day about 3 or 4 years ago as we were walking up Fremington Edge past the White House. This was the first time we had seen the fog in the valley like this and we haven’t seen it since.