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The best Yorkshire Puddings’ recipe for your Christmas dinner!!

We’ve been on a mission to find you the best Yorkshire pudding recipe so you can add a little bit of Yorkshire to your Christmas dinner. A Yorkshire Pudding should be quick to make, golden and crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. With this easy recipe you can’t go wrong…good luck!

Yorkshire Pudding

What ingredients you will need to make 8 large Yorkshire Puds:
• 140g plain flour
• 4 eggs
• 200ml Milk
• Sunflower oil

What you need to do…
1. Prepare your oven – heat the oven up to 230C or gas mark 8
2. While the oven is heating up pour a little of the sunflower oil into the Yorkshire Pudding tin.
3. Place the tin into the oven to heat up (top tip – the key to getting yummy puffy Yorkshire Puds is to have the fat sizzling hot before you add the mixture!)
4. Prepare your batter – pour your flour into a bowl and beat in the eggs until the mixture is smooth (top tip – might be worth using a sieve to avoid lumpy flour)
5. Add the milk (top tip – add the milk gradually so you can smooth out any lumps in the mixture
6. Add a little salt and pepper
7. Carefully remove the hot Yorkshire Pudding tins from the oven
8. Evenly pour your batter into the holes (top tip – best to pour the mixture from the bowl into a jug for ease)
9. Place the tins back into the oven and leave for 20 – 25 minutes (top tip – don’t open the door, we want these Puds puffy remember)
10. Serve with your Christmas dinner to complete all the trimmings!

Have some Yorkshire Puddings left over?
If you have some Yorkshire Puddings left over you’re in for a right treat! The mixture of a Yorkshire pudding lends itself very nicely to a sweet filling…add a little jam or syrup…we’re not kidding it really is delicious!!