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Alpaca walking in the Yorkshire Dales

Want a warm fuzzy feeling inside? Well, why not try walking alpacas in the Yorkshire Dales.

Alpacas are one of the most adorable, docile, and soft creatures on planet earth! Hence their growing popularity as therapy pets to help in rehabilitation. Even one walk in the stunning Yorkshire Dales countryside with a gorgeous alpaca, at ‘alpaca pace’ of course, can provide a positive interaction that can bring benefits to the mind and body, such as reducing stress. Is there a better way to get over the hustle and bustle of everyday life? We think not.

Alpacas are a member of the Camelidae family and their oldest ancestors date back some 3 million years. Alpacas were domesticated thousands of years ago from their wild ancestors, the Vicunas, which live high up in mountains of the Andes in South America. Choosing to walk an alpaca gives you a chance to interact and bond with a decedent of one of South America’s most ancient mammals. Pretty cool aye!

There are a few places in the National Park you can walk, feed, and pet an alpaca, here are some of them.

Hazel Brow Alpaca Trekking, Swaledale

Hazel Brow

Image credit Hazel Brow Alpaca Trekking

Hazel Brow Alpaca Trekking is based in Low Row, in the middle of the spectacular Swaledale Valley. On arrival you shall say hello to the alpacas, Larch, Apollo, and Aramis before taking them on a gentle stroll through the pastures for approximately 90 minutes. Cath the owner, is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to alpacas, so you will no doubt learn a thing or two about your new furry friends. On your return, you shall be able to feed them and even take a selfie with them…they are very sociable creatures.

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Semerwater Alpaca Ambles, Wensleydale  

Semerwater Alpaca Ambles

Image Credit Semerwater Alpaca Ambles

Semerwater Alpaca Ambles, based in Raydale, Wensleydale, have a herd of 5 alpacas, with walks consisting of two or three alpacas at a time. Groups are kept small and up to two people can walk one alpaca. Each amble lasts approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and takes you to the beautiful Lake Semerwater. When you reach Lake Semerwater, you shall have the opportunity to give your alpaca a tasty treat before you walk your alpaca back to their field. Here the remaining alpacas eagerly await your return as you shall be able to treat them all again.

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Nidderdale Llamas, Pateley Bridge

Nidderdale Llamas

Image credit Nidderdale Llamas

Nidderdale Llamas, based at Kiln Farm, Pateley Bridge is home to a herd of over 90 llamas and alpacas, and they offer llama and alpaca walks all year round in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. The working farm was originally a traditional farm for sheep and goats, until Suzanne and James diversified into this exciting new venture! Their llamas and alpacas are gentle, friendly, great fun to be with, and they make amazing walking companions. At Nidderdale llamas they offer a range of experiences from half day to full day treks and more!

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