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Bluebells in the Yorkshire Dales

We think Bluebells are one of the most beautiful wild flowers and the Yorkshire Dales is arguably one of the best places to see them in UK.

The vibrant colour of bluebells amongst a sea of green woodland is a fantastic sight and can be found in low level woodland areas of the Yorkshire Dales. Here are some great locations to see these amazing flowers at their best:

Freeholders Wood Local Nature Reserve in Aysgarth, Lower Wensleydale is a stunning woodland that dates back to the 1600s. Here you shall find pools of bluebells surrounded by undergrowth and trees. The natural light which shines through the canopy really makes for a picturesque scene. You can combine your trip with a stroll to Aysgarth Falls, which is particularly impressive after heavy rainfall.

Grass Wood Nature Reserve in Wharfedale is located near Skirethorns and Grassington. Grass Wood is an ancient woodland bursting with wondrous flowers. It is also one of our favourite places to see bluebells in the whole of the dales. Walking through this woodland during spring or early summer is like walking through enchanted forest with a carpet of wild flowers and an array of wildlife surrounding you.

Hooker Mill, it’s a little trickier to get to, but well worth it. Hooker Mill is a small outcrop from the side of Kisdon Moor which can be seen from the road between Thwaite and Angram. However, you cannot see the bluebells from the road, to see the bluebells take the footpath from Thwaite towards Angram then cross the beck to the right about halfway between the hamlets and head up the hill. This dip in the outcrop on the side of Kisdon is well worth the walk, once you get there you will see why. It’s a tub in the landscape full of bluebells with a small stone pen at the centre, it looks like a treeless glade with the bright sunlight shining down. The sun makes the bluebells look even prettier with more defined colours and the view back towards Thwaite is worth the climb.

The best time for you to come and see these beautiful sights is during April and May, as these months are the height of spring in the Yorkshire Dales and offer the best climate for the bluebells to grow. In these months they grow in vast numbers and look extremely impressive and beautiful, and are worth any travel distance to come and see.

Bluebell Facts
There are three varieties of bluebell in the UK today, the native variety, the Spanish variety and the Italian variety. The Spanish and Italian variety has been introduced to the UK. You shall be able to identify the native variety as it shall have a taller stem (about 50cm).