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Leyburn circular via Leyburn Shawl, Preston-under-Scar and Wensley

Start/Finish: Leyburn    Distance: 6 miles    Time: 3 – 4 Hours

If you don’t fancy a steep accent this particular walk is a great choice as the majority of the walk is flat with only a couple of steady inclines. It takes in the Leyburn Shawl with breath-taking views to Penn Hill and Wensleydale and the distinct flat top of Addlebrough in the distance. Legend has it that that Mary Queen of Scots escaped from Castle Bolton where she had been imprisoned. She dropped her shawl on the way hence the name.

The Route:

The walk begins and ends in Leyburn where there is plenty of parking available on the market square or the nearby car park. Once parked head towards Campbell’s supermarket at the top of the high street.

As you approach Campbell’s you shall notice that there is a narrow, access only street which leads you to the start of the Leyburn Shawl. Follow the Leyburn Shawl through the woodland path of the plantation. As you approach Warren Woods you shall come to a fork in the path, take the upper path to the right.

Once through the woods you shall reach another junction in the path. Follow the path signposted Preston-under-Scar across the farm fields. As you reach the bottom fields keep the stone wall to your left and head in the direction of Gillfield woods. As you reach the woods you shall notice a track. Follow the track to your left until you reach Metcalf Farm.

As you approach the farm you shall notice a barn on you right and a track leading to the right. Follow the track to the road. Continue to the right and you shall reach the peaceful village of Preston-under-Scar.

As you enter the village you shall come to a road junction and a green signpost indicating the footpath on your left. Follow this path between the houses and then down through the farm field to the style in the wall and through to the next field. Here the footpath takes you over the Wensleydale Railway train track and back into a farm field with the path ending alongside Stoneham Cottage. Cross the road to the track road directly opposite.

Follow this track down past a large dairy farm and to the picturesque Bolton Hall. The road will take you through the grounds of Bolton Hall to the small village of Wensley. When you reach Wensley you shall emerge opposite the village store, and close to the village pub (which allows dogs). Cross the road and walk right towards the village church. When you reach the road turn left and walk along the A8108 for a short distance in the direction of Middleham.

As the road bends to the right you shall notice a narrow lane to the left. Follow this lane until you reach the footpath on your right across the various farm fields until you reach Low Wood Lane. Follow this lane up to the A684. When you reach the A684, turn right and follow the pavement to return to Leyburn where there are numerous pubs and cafes for refreshments.