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Falconry in the Yorkshire Dales 

The Yorkshire Dales has a lot to offer any budding bird watcher, from the noisy Grouse hidden in the meadows and the proud Peacocks wondering freely to the rare Sandpiper and beautiful Peregrines. 
However, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction and excitement of the hands on experience gained at one of the falconry centres in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. The falconry centres have a number of different birds of prey on display such as owls, eagles, kites, falcons, hawks and even vultures.    
Not only do you have the opportunity to handle some of the smaller birds of prey you can also witness the birds of prey fly under the instruction of their experienced handlers. Watching a bird of prey in action is fantastic, their speed and agility is definitely something to admire – it really is a wonderful family day out. 

Some of the birds you may be lucky to see in the Yorkshire Dales National Park 

Owl: the type of Owls you are likely to see and experience at falconry centres are the barn owl, eagle owl or rufous owl. The barn owl was once very commonly seen in the wild, however in recent years the barn owl population has dropped by 70% and it is thought that there are more in captivity then there are in the wild. You may be one of the lucky few who get to witness a wild barn owl in flight whilst holidaying in the Yorkshire Dales. 
Red Kite: The red Kite is a beautiful bird of prey which has very distinctive features such as its unusual chestnut red colourings and forked tail. You’ll no doubt see a wild Red Kite in the Yorkshire Dales hovering gracefully over the fells. 
Falcon: The Yorkshire Dales is lucky to have peregrine falcons nesting in Malham Cove. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and The Royal Society for Protection of Birds together run an invaluable viewing platform for guests to have access to a prime viewing platform for these incredible birds of prey.